About Blue Marlin Dive Tech

The leading technical dive school in Indonesia

Passion, a commitment to quality and safety, and an emphasis on our diving family have kept Blue Marlin Dive at the forefront of the Indonesian diving industry for over 30 years.


Welcome to Blue Marlin Dive Tech:

Blue Marlin Dive Tech is Located East of Bali and off the North West corner of Lombok. The main headquarters for the operations is based on Gili Trawangan. Other shops are based on Gili Meno, Gili Air, Komodo, Senggigi, and with our latest dive shop opened in Lombok Kuta.

This first Technical IDC in December 2013 saw Blue Marlin Dive continue as the leading technical dive school in Indonesia, as pioneered since 1992 by Blue Marlin founder and owner, and accomplished TDI Instructor Trainer, Simon Liddiard. Five candidates participated in total, four of whom are already employed in the diving industry here with Simon’s diving companies. Since then we have had regular TDI Instructor courses with a 100% success rate and all candidates moving on to full time employment.

Blue Marlin Dive Tech is affiliated with Technical Diving International (TDI), International Association of Rebreather Divers (IART). We offer the full range of Nitrox, Mixed Gas and Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) courses as well as Technical Instructor courses to all levels to increase your knowledge and further your career.

We are a division of Blue Marlin Dive, which is dedicated to providing quality technical diver training, daily technical dive charters, and technical expeditions to all corners of Indonesia.

Our aim is not only to provide a conducive environment for training, but a facility where qualified technical divers can actually use their skills to dive the many wrecks and deep walls that the Gili islands and Indonesia have to offer. We feel a gap exists in the dive industry because many places offer technical diver training to divers, but few offer daily guided technical dives and technical live aboard expeditions.


Meet the team

Mans J Olsson

Måns Olsson joined Blue Marlin Dive in 2015 after finishing private contracting work in the horn of Africa. He decided he wanted a career and lifestyle change and found the Gili islands. His background of having served in the Swedish Army/Navy is what pushed him into technical diving, as he found the mindset and the order of things was very close to his previous profession.

Måns is an Advanced Trimix diver both open circuit and closed circuit aswell as full cave and wreck diver. Here at Blue Marlin Dive Tech he teaches TDI open circuit courses up to Trimix level specializing in Sidemount configuration. He also teaches JJ-Closed Circuit Rebreather courses.

Måns has previously been working and diving in both Malta and Mexico where his passion for wrecks and caves comes well in hand. He believes that not everyone is born to be a good technical diver, but with the right training and attitude you can develop a technical mindset. And if you do, your possibilities in diving are endless

Simon Liddiard

IANTD Advanced Trimix instructor, TDI Trimix Instructor Trainer, TDI advanced wreck instructor, CCR Trimix Cave diver, a PADI course Director and DSAT Trimix Instructor Trainer. Specialist JJ-CCR advanced Trimix Instructor.

Dive Experience, Blue Marlin Dive resort owner for 32 years with over 10,000 dives. 300 + dives deeper than 100 m, 5,000+ diver certifications.

Neil Baxter

My Name is Neil Baxter. I started here in Blue Marlin in Late 2017 after spending many years visiting the Gili islands on holiday. I decided it was time to make Gili Trawangan my home.

I started diving around 2010 and have since found a big passion for Side Mount and technical diving on both Side Mount and Twinset. Completing both my Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, and Extended Range here at Blue Marlin with Mans and Theresia, I am in the future looking into getting both full cave and CCR certified.

Here at Blue Marlin Dive Tech I can teach TDI Nitrox, Sidemount, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures. I can also guide any certified divers up to Extended Range level.

In my spare time I take any opportunity I can to get out on a dive with my camera as well. Having spent many years riding and doing BMX photography, transferring to underwater photography was also a natural progression, and constantly learning new tips from Alvaro (Mekan).

Alvaro Herrero

My name is Álvaro Herrero and I was born in Spain. For as long as I remember, I've always had fascination with nature in all of its forms. I was barely five years old when my grandfather gave me a pair of fins, a mask and a snorkel and since then, I have not separated from the sea.

I started experimenting with photography when I was eight years old using my father´s old camera. When I was thirteen, my father gave me my first SLR camera, a Nikon F70, and from that moment, photography has not stopped being my passion.

I have been diving for more than twelve years, I have worked as a diving instructor, as a commercial diver and as a boat skipper, as well as having technical and cave diver qualifications.

I have worked as an underwater photographer in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, both in diving centers and liveaboards. I have published photos in various journals, some of a scientific nature, and I have also collaborated with governmental environmental organizations. I have also been fortunate enough to have been recognized in the prestigious GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2017 and 2018 I consider myself a meticulous person whilst doing my job, always looking for the perfect photograph.

You can see part of my passion and my work in my portfolio. In any case, I will be happy to offer my services as a photographer at any time.

Our Achievements

Blue Marlin Dive Tech was established in 1992 by our owner Simon Liddiard and has been a pioneer of technical diving both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit in Indonesia ever since. In 2009 Blue Marlin Dive Tech has achieved the first award from TDI for being the highest certifying technical dive center in Indonesia and has since received this award from TDI on a yearly basis.

Additionally our tech instructor Theresia Gollner, being 1 of only 2 female tech instructors in Indonesia, was awarded for being the highest certifying TDI instructor in 2016 and 2017. Simon Liddiard is one of the.

We are also proud to be exploring new dive sites on a regular basis and expanding our dive site range whenever we have time in between courses and technical dives.